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2015–2016 ADEA Compendium of Curriculum Guidelines for Allied Dental Education Programs

Format: PDF
Number of Pages: 248
Year published: 2016
Serial Number: 344
ISBN-13: N/A
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This document is a revision of curriculum guidelines developed for allied dental education programs between 1984 and 1994 and revised in 2005. It does not include all content areas that could be found in an allied dental education program. Most of the guidelines revised in 2015 are for dental hygiene programs, with a few areas addressing combined dental hygiene and dental assisting programs. However, any of the dental hygiene guidelines could be modified for dental assisting as appropriate for the program and its needs.

The guidelines are intended as a curriculum development aid. They are not official policy statements of ADEA, nor should they be construed as recommendations for restrictive requirements or a mechanism to standardize allied dental education programs.

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