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U.S. Dental School Applicants and Enrollees, 2016 Entering Class

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Number of Pages: 10
Year published: 2017
Serial Number: 370
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ADEA administers the dental school application process for most U.S. dental schools. As part of the process of administering applications, ADEA gathers demographic and academic data on applicants and first-year, first-time enrollees. This information provides an opportunity for in-depth analysis of the types of students interested in dental school and the qualifications of those who ultimately enroll. The academic characteristics of both applicants and enrollees, including grade point average (GPA) and Dental Admission Test (DAT) scores, provide dental school administrators with insight into this aspect of the qualifications of applicants across the country. Prospective students can compare the qualifications of applicants and enrollees to estimate their likelihood of acceptance. The demographic characteristics of enrollees offer an early view of future trends in the dental workforce. Finally, the report allows a first look at the pipeline into dental school, which will ultimately contribute to the background and diversity of the dental workforce.

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